Like a bird Caught in the middle of a storm Her wings got broken And she lost everything What only remained was A shadow of her former glory Like a wolf On its last breath, She fought to live with her last might Even if it rendered her Withering to nothingness Crumbling to dust Like … Continue reading She


How to Melt a Girl’s Heart

While girls are big suckers for grand, lavish and big surprises, they are also appreciative and grateful for the little gestures of love. Most of the time, it doesn't need a lot of effort to impress girls. What's really important is to take her best interests to heart and just make her feel special. This … Continue reading How to Melt a Girl’s Heart

The “No make-up” Make-up Look

Like all teenage girls/ladies, I have also been fascinated with make-up. I find it truly creative and artsy. This year's trend is probably the "no make-up" make-up look. This look focuses on just enhancing your facial features subtly rather than transforming your face entirely (like Western Make-up promotes). Most Korean lead actresses (eastern make-up) favor … Continue reading The “No make-up” Make-up Look


You once told me, that my words are gloomy, that my art is mostly shades of gray, that the song I sing of speaks melancholy, that my poems are tragic. You questioned me, more often than I dared you would "how is it that you still create something so sad? when you already have me, … Continue reading You