20151226_223332Like a bird
Caught in the middle of a storm
Her wings got broken
And she lost everything
What only remained was
A shadow of her former glory

Like a wolf
On its last breath,
She fought to live with her last might
Even if it rendered her
Withering to nothingness
Crumbling to dust

Like a bear
Gearing up for winter,
She chose a deep sleep
To bury the pain of her failures
To preserve her sanity

Like a phoenix,
She will be reborn
What once was ashes
Will soon bloom into something more powerful
Stronger than ever,
Bolder and braver than before

How to Melt a Girl’s Heart

While girls are big suckers for grand, lavish and big surprises, they are also appreciative and grateful for the little gestures of love. Most of the time, it doesn’t need a lot of effort to impress girls. What’s really important is to take her best interests to heart and just make her feel special.

This post is entirely dedicated to the guys out there who are clueless on how to score on the love meter without overusing your wallet. To know more, keep on scrolling.

  1. Make use of your hidden talents. Be it singing, dancing, writing poems or painting, these talents could come in handy. Girls swoon over haranas, lyrical dances, romantic poems (especially if it’s dedicated to her). It touches their hearts knowing that someone was inspired to do something creative and amazing.
  2. Never underestimate the power of love letters. In this modern and high-tech world, a handwritten love letter is a welcome break. It makes things extra special for her since letters are seldom sent out because emails and text messages are already the trend. Love letters give the feel of having tons of effort since it needs to be thought of carefully and romantically! Words also add to the spice of the romantic feel so make sure to add cheesy stuff (but sincere) too. Always remember that your words should come from the heart.
  3. If lengthy letters are not your type, sticky notes come in handy. Leaving out sticky notes for your girl takes on a mysterious yet caring twist. A simple “Good morning!” or “How are you? Hope you had a good day!” can earn a smile or a laugh.
  4. Stock up on your good jokes. Whenever girls are down, there is nothing more welcome than a good laugh. So, don’t hesitate to be her personal clown.
  5. Bring her favorite goodies. Try to spoil her sometimes with her favorite sweets, favorite meals, favorite drink, or just any goodie she’s in love with. This trick helps particularly when she’s craving for something (usually food). Be her own delivery guy or whatnot. This sweet gesture can make her feel loved and important.
  6. Be her umbrella on a rainy day. Now this tip can go literally or figuratively. What perfect way to set a romantic mood than sharing your umbrella with her on rainy days. It means that you care for her deeply. Also, lend her your shoulder to cry on in times of troubles. Girls can be tough and strong-willed but there are times that their fighting spirits are low, so this is your time to shine and make her feel better again.
  7. Get on her family’s good side. This can make her feel that you are ready to be a part of her family and that you care not just for her but for her family too. It is important to be on her family’s good side since they are important to her. Remember, what’s important to her should be important to you.
  8. Don’t forget to give her compliments. You don’t want her to feel ugly, ordinary, or unimportant. So it is crucial to let her know what you see in her. Compliment on her smile, her laugh, her look, or her dress. No matter what, girls love to be reminded that they are beautiful (especially since most of the time they don’t feel beautiful). Let them know that they are deeply appreciated.
  9. Participate in her hobbies. In this way, you get to know her better. Also, it shows how interested you are in her. A little research is always helpful.
  10. Last but not the least, go to church with her (or attend praise and worships together). Girls want to know if guys still believe in God. Keep your faith in check and spend time with the Lord too. This way, you’ll both grow spiritually together.

The “No make-up” Make-up Look

Like all teenage girls/ladies, I have also been fascinated with make-up. I find it truly creative and artsy.

This year’s trend is probably the “no make-up” make-up look. This look focuses on just enhancing your facial features subtly rather than transforming your face entirely (like Western Make-up promotes). Most Korean lead actresses (eastern make-up) favor this kind of look because it is lightweight and natural which is perfect for the hot and humid weather in our country.

The essence of this make-up look is rather simple: no heavy eyeliner, perfect base, and no bold lip color. The skin should look naturally flawless, healthy, and radiant. There shouldn’t be visible boundaries among the different layers of products. Everything should be seamless to give the idea of  a refreshed and healthy looking face. What’s even more exciting is that minimal products are needed to achieve this look.

As a make-up junkie, I find it necessary to master this make-up look. So here it goes.

1. Use a moisturizer preferably with SPF. I use the Celeteque DERMOSCIENCE Sunscreen plus moisturizer (the yellow one). It helps moisturize my skin while providing protection for the sun’s harmful UV rays. It also gives the skin a dewy finish.

2. Conceal only where it’s needed. Use a lightweight concealer like the L’oreal true match concealer (mine is in the shade W4 medium beige). However, I don’t normally use concealers since my skin is looking good and I don’t have any dark under-eyes to hide.

3. Highlight the highest points of the face with a cream or stick highlighter. This is entirely optional but I like to do it to make specific areas stand out. I highlight my cheekbones,  bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow. I use the Maybelline master strobing stick in nude. Afterwards, I blend it with my fingers, a damp sponge, or a kabuki brush.

4. Set the oily parts (usually the T-zone) of your face with a pressed powder. It can be translucent or not. It depends when you would like to have extra coverage or you’d just like to avoid being oily. I prefer to use a foundation powder to give extra coverage such as the Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-one two-way cake in the shade Honey. This step is vital since we have a humid and hot weather. It helps the make-up last longer.

5. Don’t forget to define your eyebrows. Even if we are aiming for a natural look, some definition for our eyebrows is needed to give balance to the whole look. Use a pencil or powder/eyeshadow which is one shade lighter than your hair color. The goal is to get soft-loooking, feathery, unmade brows that are shaped neatly which means no gaps and no obvious lines. I use the Pinkies eyebrow pencil in dark brown because it has a spoolie on the other end. I also set my brows with the Nichido clear brow gel so that my brows are tamed.

6. Apply a cheek tint or a peach powder blush. I alternately use the KJM lip and cheek tint in summer kiss or Maybelline’s V-face blush contour palette in peach for my cheeks. It gives me that warmth and glow needed to brighten up the face.

7. This step is optional, mostly depending on my mood. Use neutral colors for the eyes to add definition. Mostly, I just use the blush and contour palette from Maybelline for my eyes to compliment the cheeks and to tie it up with the look. Monochromatic natural make-up also looks good on Filipinas. I lightly dust the brown shade in my crease and I liberally apply the peachy shade on my lids.

8. Curl up your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. Mine is Maybelline’s hypercurl mascara. I love it since it’s not only waterproof but it also lengthens and volumizes my lashes without looking too dramatic.

9. Lastly, choose a nude or neutral lipstick which ties up with your eyes and cheeks. For the KJM cheek tint in summer kiss, I use the

Maybelline creamy matte in Clay crush or the lip tint itself since these are towards the orange undertone. When I have the pinky peach shade from my Maybelline blush palette, I use Nichido’s velvet matte lip pencil in Cashmere or Maybelline Creamy matte in touch of spice. It is important to pick a lipstick which looks like your natural lip color but better.

There you go! That’s my take on the no make-up make-up look. I love wearing this everyday (or when I feel like wearing make-up at all). It’s quick, easy, and versatile. This look is perfect for school or work.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions.


You once told me,
that my words are gloomy,
that my art is mostly shades of gray,
that the song I sing of speaks melancholy,
that my poems are tragic.

You questioned me,
more often than I dared you would
“how is it that you still create
something so sad?
when you already have me,
and i have you?”

You dared me to speak of tales of you,
to portray you in shades of
yellow, orange, even red;
to sing of joy and love,
to write of the greatest love story yet untold.

But how can I?
When everything I say
cannot accurately describe
the greatness that is you.
When every color I use
to get the perfect hue of your eyes
cannot exactly depict
how beautiful they are,
how they sparkle and shine
as the light touches
the magnificence that resided in you.
When every melody
that I attempt to dedicate,
falls short of the
exquisite happiness that is you.
When every poem I try to do
in honor of you
can never compare and amount
to how gentle your soul is,
to how kind your heart is,
to how sweet your love is.
It can never
ever be close to the perfection
that is you.

So for now,
I will try to speak
of tales about you,
I will paint you,
I will sing for you,
I will write legends about you.

But you are beyond art,
and music,
and literature.

That is the truth.
Written on 01/29/17

3 am thoughts

When i die
Will someone miss me?
When they see me lying
Peacefully inside a white coffin
Clutching a white rose
Will someone say
She was a good person
A good friend
A good daughter
A good lover?
Will someone cry his heart out
The way I spill my tears
Right now
If someone will,
Then why do i feel empty inside
It’s as if I had no one
To call my own
When i die
Will someone remember me?
Will someone say,
“Sure. She had some crazy moments.
But this girl will always be etched
In my heart. She loved me so.
She’ll always hold a place in my life.”
Will someone miss me like that?
Will someone regret leaving me behind?
Will someone regret not spending time with me that much?
Will someone hate me for leaving him?
Will that someone beg me to stay?
Will someone rejoice?
Will someone be hurt?
Will someone still take me for granted?
Will I still be denied?
Or will someone see me for who I am?
When i die,
Will someone love me?
Or will that someone
Turn his back on me?
Just like the others.
Just like this moment
When someone walked away from me.