Take it or Leave it? The EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick

Let’s face it. Ever since the Kardashians have sported out the liquid lippie trend, everybody wanted to step up their lipstick game too. Eventually, Kylie Jenner created her own makeup line with tons of amazing liquid lipsticks to splurge on (popularly known as Kylie lipkits). But let’s not hide the fact that these costs thousands of bucks and can make our wallets go bankrupt. So, I am out to find great alternatives from the drugstore. One collection caught my eye- the Ever Bilena Advanve LTD liquid lipstick!

For a price of 180 php (about 3$), it claims to be a velvety soft liquid lipstick that delivers buildable, and long-lasting lip color with a matte finish. It is formulated with emolients that help keep your lips supple and smooth. This exclusive range comes in high impact shades that range from soft mauvey nudes to deep vampy reds.

I got two shades- soft cinnamon and jet setter. According to their saleslady, jet setter is their bestseller! The line has 12 shades in total. Almost all of the shades are flattering for Filipina skintones.


To start with, the packaging is very sleek and by no means does it look cheap. I think it can pass off as a high-end product. It comes as a rectangular-shaped plastic tube which makes it easy to see the actual lip color. Its cap is also color coordinated so you can see right away which colors are offered. The lipstick has a doe-foot applicator which makes it so easy to apply on the lips ( NO NEED FOR LIPLINERS!).



 Left to right: Soft cinnamon and Jet setter

Next, we have the formula. True to its claim, it feels velvety and soft on the lips unlike other drugstore liquid lipsticks I have tried which can crack and dry the lips more. Well this is an exception, this feels like nothing but powder on the lips. It is so comfortable that I almost forget that I have lipsticks on. The consistency is creamy and it dries down to a matte finish. However, you need to give it a few minutes before it dries and sets down on the lips. But right off the bat, you get 100% pigmentation with just one swipe. I dont need to add multiple layers to get the desired color pay-off. This comes as a surprise for me because I didn’t expect it to be really pigmented.



Jet Setter on my lips! A purplish mauve lippie that is so wearable


Soft cinnamon on my lips. A classic vampy red lippie with blue undertone.

Longevity-wise, I will give this product two thumbs up! I have worn both shades for casual hangouts and dates with my friends and it lasted for 12 hours! I didn’t have to reapply even after I ate lunch and dinner. When it comes off, it leaves a stain which I think is cool. It is transferproof so you dont see lip smears on your glass when you drink water. You need a good makeup remover to get this off your lips. I use Johnsons baby oil to wipe it off.

Below are some pictures from my hangouts (around 9pm so Jet Setter and Soft Cinnamon lasted for 12 hours, I applied my makeup at 9 am). Bear in mind that these pictures were taken on separate days.



Last but not the least, let’s talk about the price tag. For 180 pesos, you get everything that the product claims (even more). Also, the expiry dates are indicated on the packaging (24 months). These products exceeded my expectations! It has always been my mantra never to look down on affordable makeup products from the drugstore and I was right. Sometimes, we need to test the product out tonsee if it works for us. Indeed, the EB Advance LTD Liquid lipsticks have workedout so well for me! Personally, I thought that Ever Bilena was not really good in delivering good quality makeup before. But I think they are starting to reinvent their products to suit the public’s taste. I have not regretted my decision to purchase these. It is so satisfying to find products comparable to luxury ones. I will definitely try to purchase the other shades (or at least the ones that can compliment my skin tone) and other Ever Bilena products. Watch out high-end brands, I think the drugstore finds are stepping up their make-up game too!

The verdict for these lippies: ABSOLUTELY TAKE IT! It has it all- budget-friendly, creamy, matte lippies, long-lasting, and just beautiful on the lips. Go try it out now. You can find it on watsons and SM beauty department stores.

Let me know if you want me to try other drugstore products too, leave a comment below.

Always remember, breaking the bank is not worth it if you can find an amazing dupe at your own drugstore. Feel free to try something new, you might be in for a good surprise.

This is your drugstore makeup girl signing off (for now)! I will be out to hunt for more drugstore makeup goodies. Hope this helps!

Xoxo 😙


Broken strings


(DISCLAIMER: photo not mine)


Cherry red lip stains

On the collar of your shirt

Sweet talk that hurt

Late nights, phone calls

Often rushed meetings

In the middle of the night

I’m still waiting

And people say, I should let go

That you have found someone new

And I am not good enough for you

All we have left are

Broken strings

And paper roses

Fake, trash, unreal

But I’m still stuck with the promise of forever

Still trapped in the dreams we made together

Hoping that somehow

We’ll still get that happy-ever-after


Flushed cheeks

Dazed eyes

The scent of wine on your skin

Dreamy gazes and faraway looks

You look at me

But I was no longer the one in your eyes

I am trying to let go

And find somebody else

Who will love me like you love her

But here I am

Lingering in the memories we shared together

Placing hopes in the promise of forever

Wondering if I’ll still have that happy-ever-after


Take it or Leave it? THE MILANI STAY PUT BROW

I am back! This time, I decided to start my take or leave it series which is basically a makeup review. This is the part where my make-up self takes over so bear with me poet friends. So, the gist of this series is to feature a make-up product, reveal its pros and cons, and give my honest opinions whether or not it is worth your money. I would also like to point out that I am mostly going to feature locally available brands (here in the Philippines) which are affordable since I want to give good alternatives to high-end make-up.

Make-up junkies always say that eyebrows should be on fleek and so I got the Milani Stay Put Brow to follow that rule. It claims deliver superior staying power with up to 16 hours of wear time, with the perfect amount of color, assuring precise application and intense definition. It has 5 shades- soft brown, natural taupe, medium brown, brunette and dark brown. Since I have black hair, I picked up dark brown.


In the picture, dark brown appears to lean into black brown but when I got mine, it appears to be lighter in the pan.


However, when I swatched it, it looks black brown which is perfect for my hair color.20170704_113950.jpg

Depending on your preference, you can control the application to have a natural look or a bolder look. It has a creamy consistency which I love because it glides off easily in the brows. I also love the fact that my eyebrows are tamed by this product so no brow gel is needed. I got it for 340 Php or about 7$. For its price, I think that it is definitely worth it because a little goes a long way so it will last you for a long time. Also, a good eyebrow brush is included which saves you extra bucks. The brush has a spoolie on the other end to comb your brow hairs. I think it can be a dupe for the Anastasia brow pomade but I have yet to try that one. For its staying power, I dont know if it actually lasts up to 16 hours but I have worn this look for 8 hours and my eyebrows were still pretty much on fleek. All in all, I got a good bargain because the product is very affordable and has great quality comparable to high-end products.

Milani is not available in our local department stores but it can be easily ordered online. For my fellow Pinay kikays who are interested in this product, check out christineandcamille on shopee.

For this product, I say you should take it!

Hope this helps, comment below for your thoughts or suggestions.



She is a sad girl. And she knows it. It is your job to make her forget the sadness, the misery, and the loneliness. Make her believe in  fairytales and happy endings. Make her believe that forever is not just a word. Make her see that forever is something to look forward to because it happens. Open her eyes to new possibilities, to fulfilled promises, to sunrises and sunsets. Never make her feel that she is alone. You don’t want that. She’ll end up pushing you away. Instead, let her feel that you are there to stay. Whatever happens, whatever challenges life throws at your way, tell her you will not budge. You are her constant thing in this world of goodbyes and farewells. Make her feel like she is a princess for she is one. Dont ever take her for granted. Make her feel special. Let her discover her self-worth. Your goal is to hear her say, “I am special”. Lastly, love her with every fiber of your being. Love her with all that you are. Love her as best as you can. Love her, always. It is up to you to create her own happily ever after. And if you dont, she’ll be more sad than ever.