She is a sad girl. And she knows it. It is your job to make her forget the sadness, the misery, and the loneliness. Make her believe in  fairytales and happy endings. Make her believe that forever is not just a word. Make her see that forever is something to look forward to because it happens. Open her eyes to new possibilities, to fulfilled promises, to sunrises and sunsets. Never make her feel that she is alone. You don’t want that. She’ll end up pushing you away. Instead, let her feel that you are there to stay. Whatever happens, whatever challenges life throws at your way, tell her you will not budge. You are her constant thing in this world of goodbyes and farewells. Make her feel like she is a princess for she is one. Dont ever take her for granted. Make her feel special. Let her discover her self-worth. Your goal is to hear her say, “I am special”. Lastly, love her with every fiber of your being. Love her with all that you are. Love her as best as you can. Love her, always. It is up to you to create her own happily ever after. And if you dont, she’ll be more sad than ever.


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