Take it or Leave it? THE MILANI STAY PUT BROW

I am back! This time, I decided to start my take or leave it series which is basically a makeup review. This is the part where my make-up self takes over so bear with me poet friends. So, the gist of this series is to feature a make-up product, reveal its pros and cons, and give my honest opinions whether or not it is worth your money. I would also like to point out that I am mostly going to feature locally available brands (here in the Philippines) which are affordable since I want to give good alternatives to high-end make-up.

Make-up junkies always say that eyebrows should be on fleek and so I got the Milani Stay Put Brow to follow that rule. It claims deliver superior staying power with up to 16 hours of wear time, with the perfect amount of color, assuring precise application and intense definition. It has 5 shades- soft brown, natural taupe, medium brown, brunette and dark brown. Since I have black hair, I picked up dark brown.


In the picture, dark brown appears to lean into black brown but when I got mine, it appears to be lighter in the pan.


However, when I swatched it, it looks black brown which is perfect for my hair color.20170704_113950.jpg

Depending on your preference, you can control the application to have a natural look or a bolder look. It has a creamy consistency which I love because it glides off easily in the brows. I also love the fact that my eyebrows are tamed by this product so no brow gel is needed. I got it for 340 Php or about 7$. For its price, I think that it is definitely worth it because a little goes a long way so it will last you for a long time. Also, a good eyebrow brush is included which saves you extra bucks. The brush has a spoolie on the other end to comb your brow hairs. I think it can be a dupe for the Anastasia brow pomade but I have yet to try that one. For its staying power, I dont know if it actually lasts up to 16 hours but I have worn this look for 8 hours and my eyebrows were still pretty much on fleek. All in all, I got a good bargain because the product is very affordable and has great quality comparable to high-end products.

Milani is not available in our local department stores but it can be easily ordered online. For my fellow Pinay kikays who are interested in this product, check out christineandcamille on shopee.

For this product, I say you should take it!

Hope this helps, comment below for your thoughts or suggestions.



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