Broken strings


(DISCLAIMER: photo not mine)


Cherry red lip stains

On the collar of your shirt

Sweet talk that hurt

Late nights, phone calls

Often rushed meetings

In the middle of the night

I’m still waiting

And people say, I should let go

That you have found someone new

And I am not good enough for you

All we have left are

Broken strings

And paper roses

Fake, trash, unreal

But I’m still stuck with the promise of forever

Still trapped in the dreams we made together

Hoping that somehow

We’ll still get that happy-ever-after


Flushed cheeks

Dazed eyes

The scent of wine on your skin

Dreamy gazes and faraway looks

You look at me

But I was no longer the one in your eyes

I am trying to let go

And find somebody else

Who will love me like you love her

But here I am

Lingering in the memories we shared together

Placing hopes in the promise of forever

Wondering if I’ll still have that happy-ever-after



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