Why is it that we always find
Sunsets so amazing,
So wonderful,
So breathtaking?


Is it because of the colors and hues
In full display
Showering the world
With a brand new kaleidoscope
Is it because the dreary blues
Are replaced with vibrant reds,
oranges, and violets
Is it because it feels refreshing
After a long day
Filled with deadlines, exams, and fights
A chance to renew the old ways
An opportune moment to unwind
To shake of the concerns of the mind
Or is it because sunsets are romantic
The perfect view for ecstatic young lovers
Taking a stroll, holding hands
Like there’s no tomorrow
And there is no sorrow
Just that moment
Ever fleeting, ever wanting.
Is it because it is another trivial thing
Romanticized by poets, singers, storytellers
Or is it the fact that
the beauty of the divine creation
takes part in the changing of the colors,
The dancing of the clouds
Regaling us with the mysteries of the unknown

Sunsets may be all of these things combined
Or all of these things intertwined
A dab or two
Maybe a part of a whole
The sum of all its parts
And what’s left to be told
Sunsets may be all of these
Or maybe not
But one thing is for real
Sunsets are for the weary,
For the weak,
For the dreary and lonely,
For the romantics,
For the artists, for those longing for a home,
For the young ones,
For the ones who are almost done,
For everyone
And for no one
All at once
Sunsets give the promise of hope
Never fading
Never staying
Hope for a new beginning
Hope for a joyful ending
For all good or bad things in between
Which takes shape as dusk arrives
For which awaits us by dawn.


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