Just wondering

I often wonder What expression you have Whenever we watch your favorite movie I want to memorize The contours of your face And the crinkles in your eyes Whenever you cheer for your favorite character But here I am And you are there Beyond my reach I often wish to curl beside you Whenever I … Continue reading Just wondering


Love is

Love is Eating squishy vegetables Which you absolutely hate But you eat it anyway Because she cooks it Just for you Love is Doing household chores With her even though You clearly despise it Just to have more quality time together Love is Seeing her in slow motion As she goes down the stairs Wearing … Continue reading Love is

Take It or Leave It – Colourette Colourstick in Felicity

Ever since I've seen random posts running through my feed featuring girls switching their old lipsticks for new ones from Colourette, I knew I should get my hands on one. Initially, I wanted to get nude shades like Amari, Georgia, Bethany, Sahara and Chelsea but I heard that the Chocolat Collection are being discontinued so … Continue reading Take It or Leave It – Colourette Colourstick in Felicity